Video Devices PIX-LR audio interface

Mod:[SDPIXLR] Prod: Video Devices
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Price: 291,00€ + VAT
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PIX-LR audio interface for Video Devices PIX-E series recorders

This interface can be mounted on bootom of PIX-E recorders via screw-on 1/4" connection. Provides two XLR inputs/outputs, featuring Sound Devices-caliber mic preamps, LED metering and dedicated transport and gain controls.

The PIX-LR enhances the recording experience by adding I/O flexibility and intuitive features, such as hyper-accurate, 23-segment LED metering with limiter indicators. There are two extremely low noise, wide gain XLR analog inputs. Both mic/line-level inputs may be stereo linked, with or without pan, and support 48V phantom power for use with condenser mics. There are also two XLR balanced analog outputs, ideal for low noise, long cable runs.

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