URSA Straps Protective Pouches for RF Transmitters

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URSA Pouches allow you to rig a transmitter vertically or horizontally to a belt or bra. They can also be sewn or pinned into costumes. Available in Four Sizes : mini, small, medium & large & two colours Black & Beige.


  • Mini: Lectrosonics SSM, Zaxcom ZMT3
  • Small: Lectrosonics SM, SSM, PDR, Zaxcom ZMT3, Micron TX700B
  • Medium: Lectrosonics SMQV, SMDB, LT, Wisycom MTP40 & 41, Sennheiser SK5212, Zaxcom TRX & ZFR 200 &300
  • Large: Audio Ltd MiniTX, 2040, 1010, Lectrosonics LMb & UM, Wisycom MTP40 & 41, Sennheiser G3, 2000s

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