UHF wireless time code logging system

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The SCRIPTLINC® is a UHF wireless time code logging system consisting of a small transmitter and a clipboard incorporating a receiver and a large LCD display.
Time code is sent to the clipboard via the small transmitter, where it can be frozen by two HOLD buttons so that the time code information may be recorded in the script log.


Connect the transmitter to the time code source (DAT recorder, camera, etc.). Turn the transmitter on via the switch on the top face.

The clipboard receiver is activated via the two square but-tons marked HOLD on the left and right of the display. To turn the SCRIPTLINC® receiver on, press both HOLD buttons simultaneously.

To freeze the display, press either the left or right HOLD button and the time code information in the display will stop. Until the button is pressed again, the time code information present when the HOLD button was pressed will be displayed. To start the display again, press either button and the display will show the current time code being received.

To turn the display and receiver OFF, press both HOLD buttons simultaneously. If the SCRIPTLINC® time code receiver display fl ashes, the receiver is not able to receive the time code information. Should this happen, ensure that all connections are secure, the battery in the transmitter is fresh, and the transmitter has not been turned off or tampered with. This safety feature ensures that you are aware of problems with the time code source and transmitter.

The SCRIPTLINC® can also be used hard wired via a 3.5 mm connector mounted on the right hand side of the display. A BNC to 3.5 mm cable is required.


Input Time Code: SMPTE/EBU Standard LTC
Power:9 Volt alkaline battery (12 hours minimum)
FREQUENCIES Available:418 MHZ or 433MHZ(No license required in North America or EU)

Range: Line of sight
Display:19 mm/0.75 inches high LCD characters displaying HOURS, MINUTES, SECONDS and FRAMES
Power :4 x A AA Cells up to 36 hours continuous use.

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