SoundDevices 722 2-track Recorder, HD + CF

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722 Portable digital audio recorder, two-channel analog and digital I/O, 24 e 16 bit, 192 KHz, CF slot, with 250GB internal Hard Drive, includes 2200 mAH Lion battery and AC power/adapter.

The high-resolution Sound Devices series -7 audio recorders shatter the size, performance, and feature-set paradigms of previous generations of audio recorders. They are the next generation--replacing digital and analog tape-based portable recorders with far more powerful file-based digital recording devices. The two-track 722 and four-track 744T write and play audio files with either 16 or 24-bit depth at all professional sample rates, up to 192 kHz.

744T lit up - high intensityAudio Inputs
The 7-Series recorders use two channels of Sound Devices next generation, high-resolution analog microphone preamplifiers. Designed specifically for high-bandwidth, high bit-rate digital recording, these preamps set a new standard for linearity, distortion performance, and low-noise gain. Now, only your microphone resolving power limits your recording quality.

722 and 744T user interface is fast and intuitive with easy to access buttons and an informative LCD display and LED metering. Recording engineers don’t need to learn a new way to work—the 7-Series tape recorder paradigm makes certain that you don’t get distracted in run and gun situations. The learning curve is short. The extensive feature list is very accessible.

744T in wireframe 3D CAD viewSize
With documentary and ENG recording engineers in mind, we kept the recorders as small and lightweight as practical without compromising usability. No other audio recorder approaches their size/performance ratio. Weighing less than 3 pounds and easily fitting in an accessory pouch, you can take your audio recorder to every job, big and small.

Data Storage
The 7-Series recorders write to industry-standard WAV files (plus BWF files for the 744T). Audio data files are recorded to the internal hard drive or to user-supplied Compact Flash medium. For maximum redundancy, both mediums can be activated, providing a RAID-1 level of redundancy to recorded program. Audio files can be transferred via FireWire directly to a Windows PC or Mac OS computer for post-production or archiving.

Sound Devices Family
While the 722 and 744T are very capable recorders alone, they excel when used in conjunction with Sound Devices 302 and 442 audio mixers. Using an external mixer extends the flexibility of the recorder and gives the next level of audio I/O and control.

Key Features

  • Two-channels of Sound Devices next generation microphone preamps with phantom, limiters, and high-pass filters
  • Records to internal 250 GB hard drive, removable Compact Flash, or both storage medium
  • AES3 (XLR) or AES3id (unbalanced AES on BNC) digital inputs and AES3id outputs
  • Programmable, sunlight-viewable LED level metering
  • WAV format, mono or poly files, uncompressed PCM audio
  • 24-bit or 16-bit (with or without dither) and sampling at 32 kHz-192 kHz
  • MP3 encode and decode, 32 to 320 kb/s stereo file
  • FireWire (IEEE-1394) port for high-speed data transfer to computers
  • 6-pin modular C. Link serial input and output for unit linking and future control and expansion
  • Removable Li-on rechargeable battery compatible with Sony M- and L-mount Li-on batteries
  • 10–18 VDC external input powers and charges on-board battery
  • Aluminum & stainless-steel chassis for exceptional durability and light weight
  • Class-defining compact size
  • Designed for the same operational environmental extremes as Sound Devices field mixers

722 Manual

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