Sennheiser Wireless systems 9000 series

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The Digital 9000 system has been developed for all professional users in broadcast studios, theatres and live performances unwilling to comprise on sound. Its unique uncompressed digital audio transmission offers artefacts free sound with great dynamics.

The use of extremely steep filters allows a very narrow set-up of the respective radio frequencies within the available frequency range without risking intermodulation. With its intuitive handling and comprehensive feature list, including e. g. 12 different microphone heads to choose from, the Sennheiser Digital 9000 system not only delivers a unique sound quality but also lets its professional users experience a whole new kind of flexibility. 

Secure reception: Now and in future
With its outstanding intermodulation safety the EM 9046 receiver allows the highly efficient use of the avaiable frequency range. Its switching bandwidth covers the range from 470 – 798 MHz making it a future proof investment.
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The perfect sound for any style
The handheld transmitter SKM 9000 is compatible with all capsules of the evolution wireless and 2000 series, as well as with the Neumann capsules KK 204 and 205. Furthermore there are four new high-end capsules from the 9000 series available, fit for any repertoire.
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Greatest sound in the smallest space
It is small, light-weight, and easily hidden under your clothes. But the SK 9000 body pack transmitter delivers a sound, which is definitely full-sized: uncompressed with maximum dynamics.
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Selective from the beginning
The antennas of the Digital 9000 system dispose of eight highly selective filters, which allows only the frequencies of a frequency window that can be selected remotely, to pass. Cable losses are compensated automatically by the system – saving precious time at set-up, guaranteeing an optimal calibration. The antennas AD 9000, A 9000, AB 9000 compensate losses of up to 14 dB.

The way of the Perfect Sound
Which stations does the sound pass within the Digital 9000 system, and how does he actually become so perfect? It’s shown in this interactive graphic:

12 different capsules for any sound challenge

SKM 9000 / SK 9000
Lithium ion rechargeable protecting the environment
Uncompressed digital audio transmission

AD 9000 / A 9000 / AB 9000
Remote controlled antenna with 8 highly selective filters
Automatic compensation of RF cable loss

EM 9046
8 channel modular receiver system

Built-in graphical spectrum analyzer

Wide band receiver 470 -798 MHz

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