Sennheiser MZF 8000 High pass filter for MKH 8000 series

Mod:[SEMZF8000] Prod: Sennheiser
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Price: 336,00€ + VAT
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General Description

MZF 8000 is a new filter module for the MKH 8000 professional RF condenser microphone series. Especially in the broadcast and film industries, it effectively blocks interference caused by infrasound, such as low-frequency noises caused by wind and handling.


  • Switchable roll-off filter (–3 dB at 160 Hz)

  • Fixed low-cut filter (–3 dB at 16 Hz)

  • Suppresses infrasound especially well
  • Extremely low inherent noise – complex acoustic details are preserved
  • High-quality –10 dB pad protects against overdriving
  • Fully floating balanced output allows for non-critical connection technology with minimal distortion
  • Extremely compact design
  • Module can be used with remote accessory

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