Sennheiser K6P Modulo alimentatore solo phantom 12-48V

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Sennheiser K6P Microphone body/preamp without battery compartment and bass cut.

General Description
The K6 powering module is the heart of this Sennheiser professional modular microphone system and can be powered by 12 - 48 V phantom power. The K6P can be combined with different condenser microphone heads to provide a wide variety of polar patterns. Matt
black, anodised scratch-resistant finish.
Switchable bass roll-off filter protects against rumble, handling, pop and wind noise
High output, low noise
Transformerless balanced output on 3-pin XLR connector
Delivery Includes
1 K6 powering module
1 MZQ 200 microphone clamp

1 protective carrying case


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