Scheps CMC 1 + MK 5 Stereo Set

  • Scheps CMC 1 + MK 5 Stereo Set
  • Scheps CMC 1 + MK 5 Stereo Set
  • Scheps CMC 1 + MK 5 Stereo Set
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Model: [SCCMC1MK5]
Manutacturer: Schoeps

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The matte gray Schoeps Colette CMC 1 Microphone Amp and MK 5 Omni/Cardioid Condenser Capsule (Stereo Set) is a matched pair of ultracompact, space-saving Colette Series modular condenser microphones offering the flexibility of switchable omnidirectional and cardioid polar patterns along with transparent, low-distortion sound pickup for ideal sound capture in a broad spectrum of music production applications.

It includes two CMC 1 (XLR 3-pin output) miniature microphone amplifiers, two matched MK 5 omni/cardioid condenser capsules, two stand clamps, two foam windscreens, a certificate of matching, a cable strap, and a premium case. Thanks to the inclusion of the ultracompact CMC 1, this bundle serves as a lighter and smaller alternative to the CMC 6 without compromising sonic performance.

CMC 1 Miniature Microphone Amplifier

The matte gray Schoeps CMC 1 is a miniature Colette Series microphone amplifier offering uncompromising high fidelity in a lightweight and ultracompact form factor for studio recording, broadcast, and live stage applications. Presented as an alternative to the renowned Schoeps CMC 6 amplifier, the CMC 1 is compatible with all existing MK mic capsules and Colette active accessories (available separately). It features a balanced XLR 3-pin output, compliance with 12 or 48V phantom power, and low current consumption. Its Schoeps RFI Shield provides high immunity from RF interference for a clean, low-noise signal. The CMC 1 supports the high maximum SPLs tolerated by the various MK mic capsules (available separately). A stand adapter is supplied with the CMC 1.

MK 5 Omni/Cardioid Capsule

The Schoeps MK 5 is part of the Colette series of modular capsules designed for use with the CMC mic amplifiers. With the Schoeps MK 5, pattern switching is purely mechanical via a sliding lever on the side of the capsule. The result in each setting is like an independent microphone capsule with the same quality as the MK 2S / MK 4, and very similar (though not identical) frequency and polar response characteristics. In contrast to most dual-diaphragm microphones, the cardioid setting of the MK 5 maintains its directivity even at the lowest frequencies, and has high-frequency response up to 20 kHz. In addition, the MK 5 has excellent low-frequency response in the omnidirectional setting along with the low sensitivity toward wind, vocal “popping” noise, and solid-borne sound typical of pressure transducers.

Key Features​
  • Matched Pair for Precise Stereo Miking
  • 2 x MK 5 Omni/Cardioid Capsules
  • 2 x CMC 1 Miniature Mic Amps
  • Lighter, Smaller Option to CMC 6 Amp