SANKEN COS-11D Red Mark L3, reduced sensitivity -9dB, LEMO 3pin

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The new generation COS-11D ultra-miniature lavalier was designed to meet today’s HD audio standards while providing greater immunity to RF interference.

The COS-11D is available in four colors (Black, White, Gray, and Beige) and with many connectivity options and accessories. It features a front mesh screen which is water resistant, better protecting the microphone from perspiration and cosmetics, and is ideal for outdoor shooting in foul weather.

Risposta in frequenza: 50-20.000Hz +/-2dB.
Impedenza: 700 Ohm.
Sensibilità @ 1KHz: 3.2mV/Pa (-50dB)
Max SPL (1% THD): 132dB SPL

Lunghezza cavo: 1,8 m
Dimensioni: diam. 4,0mm x 16,1mm.
Colori disponibili: nero, beige.

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