Rycote Windshield Kit for Schoeps Minicmit

Mod:[RYWSMCM] Prod: Rycote
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Price: 499,00€ + IVA
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Incredibly sleek and compact, the Rycote Windshield Kit, MiniCMIT offers finely-tuned wind and handling noise protection for the new Schoeps MiniCMIT.

Main Benefits:
  • Combined 62- and 72-Shore single Lyres (blue), pre-fitted - for optimal mic compliance*;
  • Short, lightweight XLR connector (blue end-cap on XLR-3F);
  • Professional quality Mogami cable;
  • Optimised windshield size, weight and overall profile for the Schoeps MiniCMIT mic;
  • This kit features contrasting black basket rings, blue Lyres and blue XLR end-cap.

Product Code: 086072

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