Rycote RUCK Universal Camera Kit, 3 sizes

Mod:[RYUCK14] Prod: Rycote
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Rycote Universal Camera Kit

The Rycote RUCK Universal Camera Kit is a high-tech shock mount attachment to video cameras, camcorders, booms and stands. The Kit consists of the following main elements:

Hot shoe attachment
1/4" thread adaptor
3/8" boom and stand converter


Suitable for shotgun microphones, with slots no further than 14/18 cm from the front of the mic

The Miniscreen Windjammer for the Miniscreen is manufactured from short black 10 mm fur and is elasticated at one end for easy fitting. They provide an additional 3bB of wind noise attenuation on top of the Miniscreen.

The Hot Shoe Extension allows you to fit multiple attachments to your single hot shoe on your camera/camcorder.

Rycote’s noise reduction technology is the professional’s choice for outside broadcast, film and TV documentary.
The Rycote Universal Camera Kit is able to bring the benefits of this technology to video production in the form of a complete, camera mountable, wind and handling noise reduction system.
The Rycote Universal Camera Kit is the essential accessory for achieving good, clean, audio recordings to professional standards, for outside filming using a shotgun or rifle camera mounted microphone.

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