Rycote Foam for small diaphragm mic

Mod:[RY104414] Prod: Rycote
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Price: 6,00€ + VAT
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Durable high-quality acoustic foam which is resistant to damage from moisture and UV sunlight. The Rycote foam windshields offer up to 20 dB of pop and wind attenuation depending on conditions — but without concurrent high-frequency loss.

Internal bore - 18 mm
Length - 32 mm

Available for the following microphones:
AKG C430
Audio-Technica  AT 3032, AT 3525, AT 3527, AT 3528, AT 4041, AT 4047/SV, AT 4049a, AT 4051a, AT 4053a, ATM 450,ATM 10a, ATM 33a, ES 973, PRO24, PRO24-CM, PRO37
AVE Stuttgart ACM 20
Behringer C2
BeyerDynamic M160, M201
JZ Microphones BT-201
M-Audio Pulsar II
MBHO KA series, MBNM 410
Milab VM-44
Neumann KM 100 series, KM 180 series, KM-D series
 Oktava MC 012
Rode NT-6, NT-5
Schoeps CCM, CMC
Sennheiser MKH 8000 series
Shure KSM 109, KSM 137, KSM 141

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