Rycote CB1-CB8 Connector Box series

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The Connbox can be fitted to the Modular Suspension to isolate and eradicate cable-borne noise.
The Connbox acts as a transition connector and anchor point for the microphone tail.
Available in mono or stereo it has a flexible starquad output cable that terminates in a 3 (or 5) pin XLR at the pistol grip.
The input cable is an ultra-thin pluggable tail fitted with either a Lemo connector (Schoeps CCM) or an XLR socket that has a special locking ring to prevent rattle.

CB1 : per la maggior parte dei microfoni mono (MKH 416, MKH 60, ecc.).
Il cavo per il microfono è lungo 90mm, connettore XLR-3F.
Cavo di uscita lungo 400mm, connettore XLR-3M.

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