Remote Audio Shunt Box for Hot Box v2

Mod:[RASHUNTB2] Prod: Remote Audio
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Practical applications include:

  • Power management for existing 12VDC power supply and distribution systems, such as location sound carts. ON/OFF switch, power indication, overload and reverse polarity protection.
  • Turn ON and OFF the entire sound cart with a conveniently located RM remote meter (sold separately), and monitor the cart’s power supply voltage and current requirements.
  • A portable "smart cable" (requires RM remote meter—sold separately) for metering the voltage and current draw from batteries and power supplies (20VDC, maximum).

The Shunt Box is another unique power management device in Remote Audio's MEON line. It can be used by itself, or made even more versatile used with the addition of the RM (Remote Meter) or RS (Remote Switch).

The Shunt Box has several functions. It is an ON/OFF switch, a resettable breaker for short circuit and overload protection (18 Amps), and it protects against and indicates harmful reversed polarity that can be caused by miswired batteries and cables. When used with the optional RM remote meter, it can be turned OFF and ON remotely, and function as a volt/amp meter.

The Shunt Box is a small rectangular box (3.25” x 1.75” x 1.75”) with a 4-pin male XLR input at one end, a 4-pin female XLR output at the other end, and a small illuminated on-off switch. But as simple as it seems, note the unusual connector labeled "RM". Attaching an optional RM remote meter not only allows display of your power supply voltage and the amount of current (in Amps) that your equipment is using but adds remote ON/OFF functions and allows the Shunt Box to be conveniently located out of the way, such as near the power supply. In addition to convenience, locating the Shunt Box near the power supply reduces cable length, thus reducing voltage drop in your power system.

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