Remote Audio BDSv4 Power Distribution System for ENG

  • Remote Audio  BDSv4 Power Distribution System for ENG
  • Remote Audio  BDSv4 Power Distribution System for ENG
  • Remote Audio  BDSv4 Power Distribution System for ENG
  • Remote Audio  BDSv4 Power Distribution System for ENG
  • Remote Audio  BDSv4 Power Distribution System for ENG
  • Remote Audio  BDSv4 Power Distribution System for ENG

Price: 210,00€ + VAT
Price (VAT included): 256,20€

Model: [RABDSV4]
Manutacturer: Remote Audio

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The Remote Audio BDS (Battery Distribution System) has been the standard power management system in ENG audio bags for over a decade. Once considered a luxury, the ability to power multiple pieces of audio equipment with a single rechargeable battery is now a necessity as equipment demands become more complex. The BDS system accommodates this need with a reliable, convenient, and robust design. The BDSv4 adds refinements such as a built-in "low-battery" indication with three user-selectable thresholds, and an easily accessible "switched/unswitched" toggle. All this functionality has been built into a package smaller than the BDSv3 it replaces.
Remote Audio's BDS system consists of a reversepolarity protected and overload protected distribution box with bi-color illuminated on/off switch, six outlets, power source (typically a rechargeable battery such as the NP-1), an input cable, and output cables for the devices being powered. The primary purpose of the BDS system is to simultaneously turn on and off multiple pieces of equipment being powered by a single source. For this basic function, the BDSv4 may be used exactly like the older BDS versions that it replaces. The input and output connections are the same, so all previous BDS input and output cables manufactured by Remote Audio are compatible with the BDSv4.

Connectors and Cables
The outlet connectors on the BDS box are a special switching type that requires a long-shaft mating plug with a 2.5mm hole. This connector set was chosen for its strength and so that unused (exposed) outlets on the box are not active until a cable with the proper mating connector is plugged into it, helping prevent accidental short circuits. Output cables by Remote Audio are manufactured specifically for use with the BDS, and come with unique low-profile right angle locking connectors. Therefore, it is recommended that only Remote Audio brand output cables be used with the BDS system. The polarity of the outlets is "center positive". "Y" cables are available for connecting more than six devices. Input cables, battery adapters and AC-DC adapters by Remote Audio are also available. The input connector on the BDS box is a common TA4M (miniature 4-pin male XLR) with the standard scheme of "pin-1 NEG, pin-4 POS". To improve reliability and reduce voltage drop, the contacts are doubled 1-2 and 3-4 at the circuit board. Therefore, if the user wires their own input cables, it is recommended to connect pins 1-2 and 3-4. The power indicator built into the BDS box switch can be used to confirm proper polarity of the input cable (if it illuminates, the polarity is correct).
Switched vs Unswitched Outlet
The indicated outlet can be either "switched" or "unswitched." "Switched" means that the outlet turns off and on when the main toggle switch is thrown. "Unswitched" means that the outlet is always on when power is present. The factory default for that outlet is "unswitched." This feature is often desired for the audio mixer. For example, in this configuration, when only the mixer and boom mic are needed, turning off the BDS box will turn everything off (receivers, etc.) except for the mixer. This can be a convenient way to turn off everything that is not needed, extending the life of the battery. The status of the outlet can be easily reversed to "switched" by sliding the nearby switch using a toothpick or jeweler's screwdriver. When using a metal tool to change the switch position, make sure the BDS is powered off to eliminate the possibility of shortcircuits.

Low Battery Indicator
Short Circuit and Overload Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Noise and Shared Power Systems.
Mounting Clip


Dimensions: 3.286" x 1.329" x 1.165" (83.5 x 33.8 x 29.6 mm)
Weight: 4.0 oz
Input Voltage: 6 - 20V
Output Current: 3A Max per output, 5A global max (60W)
Power Switch: Recessed toggle, illum. Green when Power "ON"

Red when voltage falls below selectable threshold.

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