Remote Audio ANBNC Miracle Whip UHF Antenna Kit w/ BNC

Mod:[RAANBNC] Prod: Remote Audio
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Price: 16,00€ + VAT
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 Remote Audio "Miracle Whip" ANBNC Flexible Antenna Kit.

Always straightens! Miracle Whip antennas are made of memory steel which is flexible but highly resistant to permanent bends.

Recommended for Lectrosonics or any other UHF Receiver or Transmitter with BNC connectors operating between 500-900 MHz (Lectro Blocks 21-33). Includes frequency trimming chart and color coding bands.

Disponibile anche nella versione BNC 90° modello ANBNCRA allo stesso prezzo.

Nota: il filo di queste antenne è più rigido delle corrispondenti antenne Lectrosonics.

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