PSC UHF Power Paddle Antenna

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The PSC UHF Power Paddle Antenna will provide the users of UHF wireless microphones a simple and elegant powered, active antenna solution for field use. This powered, active antenna from PSC provides coverage from 450MHz to 900MHz. In addition to the typical gain of 4.5dB over that of a dipole antenna, the ultra low noise amplifier built into this antenna can provide an additional 4dB to 12dB of gain to make up for signal loss through long cable runs. The amount of this additional gain is easily selected using the simple rotary switch on the antenna. Gain settings are displayed via simple, easy to read blue LED indicators. The PSC Power Paddle contains a ultra low noise RF Amplifier with a ultra high IP3 point for excellent performance under extreme field conditions. The antenna features a robust design using a heavy duty fiberglass substrate. The entire antenna is coated in a water resistant rubberized coating for years of trouble free operation in the field.

The PSC UHF Power Paddle Antenna is produced as a “skeletal” design. This design allows for lower wind loading in the field. It is made from 0.125” (3.175mm) fiberglass material and covered in an unobtrusive matte black rubberized finish. It includes an industry standard BNC connector. Mounting is accomplished via an industry standard 3/8"-16 thread.

Available Versions:

  • FLPAPP3SB Single band 470-700 Mhz
  • FLPAPP3DB Dual band 470-618 Mhz and 940-960 Mhz (Lectro block 941)
  • FLPAPP3WB Wide band  470-960 Mhz


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