PSC Euro Cart, basic version

  • PSC Euro Cart, basic version
  • PSC Euro Cart, basic version

Price: 1.960,00€ + VAT
Price (VAT included): 2.391,20€

Model: [PSCARE]
Manutacturer: PSC

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This new PSC Euro Cart is our modern interpretation of our industry standard PSC sound cart. We have been building our existing sound carts for more than 27 years. This new PSC Euro Cart builds upon that long standing tradition with many innovative design changes. This entire cart can be disassembled for shipment or storage without the use of any tools. It can also be split into separate top and bottom halves for storage, transport or for use in insert cars. All three shelves can be mounted at various positions (heights). The shelves can also be mounted inverted to form edge-free platforms for use with wider format mixers. The optional 4 space rack ears allow the user to easily mount video monitors and other rack mount equipment. The entire cart is made of aircraft aluminum and hand TIG welded in the U.S.A. In addition, PSC offers a specific built power distribution system called the PSC PowerStar Euro for use with this cart.

  • Small, Compact Size
  • Easily Splits into Separate Top and Bottom Halves
  • Disassembles for storage or Shipment
  • Requires NO Tools to Assemble/Disassemble
  • Light Weight
  • Tough, Wear Resistant Two-Tone Powder Coat Finish
  • 16” Pneumatic Tires for Ease of Movement
  • Perfect for Today’s Highly Portable Cart-Based Work
  • Optional 4 Space Rack Mount Ears
  • Optional Foldable Antenna Mounts
  • Optional PSC PowerStar Euro Power Distribution System
Size 17” wide, 19” deep, 35” high (Overall)
Shelf Size 14.75” wide x 10.5” deep (top shelf)
14.75” wide x 14.00” deep (middle and bottom shelf)
Weight 27 Lbs
Material Aircraft Aluminum
Finish Texture Powder Coat
Tires 16” Pneumatic
Warranty 1 year, Limited

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