PROPROMPTER Wing for iphone

PROPROMPTER Wing for iphone

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Made of sturdy aircraft aluminum the ProPrompter Wing attaches to the tripod mount of any camera and the forward adjustable arm swings to the left or right of the lens. The mobile device clip holds your iPhone. iPod touch or Pocket PC. Slide the clip directly beside the lens. Now your eyeline to your iPhone is on the same level as the lens so you can use the old cue card trick: Stand back about 6 to 8 feet. Keep your eyes on the scrolling script and never glance over to the lens and it will appear as if you are looking into the lens. This is made easier because the width of the iPhone is not far enough away from the lens to draw your head or eyes further to one side.

The Wing folds away into your backpack, camera bag or briefcase and is the lightest most affordable teleprompter in the world. You need it.

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