Mod:[OR81] Prod: ORCA BAGS
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Price: 25,50€ + VAT
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OR-81 – The new Orca Water/ Sand Bag was design to help carrying sand bags to any location
with an option to fill the bag with water or sand. (OR-81B Water Blader )

How many times have you needed a sand bag and due to the fact it was too heavy to fly with you purchased one locally and left it on location.

The bag is made from durable material with extra reinforce binding strap all the way around and features dual layers of hook and loop fasteners to avoid any sand leakage.

The water bladder. (*Sells separately Price 3,50 Euros + VAT) OR-81B
 water bladder for the OR-81 Orca Water / Sand Bag.Can contain up to 6 litters. 

Model Internal: cm / Inch External: cm / inch Weight: Kg / Lb
OR-81 L: 30cm / 11.8"
W: 25cm / 9.84"
H: -
L: 30cm / 11.8"
W: 25cm / 9.84"
H: -
0.270Kg / 0.59LB
OR-81B L: 28cm / 11"
W: 25cm / 9.84"
H: -
L: 28cm / 11"
W: 25cm / 9.84"
H: -
0.060Kg / 0.132LB

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