ORCA OR-50/52/54/56 Camera LCD Hoods, series

Mod:[OR50] Prod: ORCA BAGS
Price: 20,00€ + VAT
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Designed to help camera operator to view images on the LCD screen when shooting outdoors in direct sunlight. The hood is easily attached to the camera LCD.

Special features

  • Manufactured from special EVA material that lasts forever.
  • Light and easy to use and fold/store.
  • Extremely compact when not in use.


Models and specs:

per SONY PMW-100/150/200, EX1/3, NX5. Dimensioni 8 x 4,7cm (3.15" x 1.85")
OR-52 per CANON C-100. Dimensioni 8.5 x 5.5cm (3.34" x 2.16")
OR-54 per PANASONIC DVX-200. Dimensioni 11 X 8cm (4.33" x 3.15")
OR-56 per CANON C-300, PANASONIC 160/130A. Dimensioni 9.4 x 5.4cm (3.7" x 2.12")

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