NEUTRIK Profi RCA Connector Pair

NEUTRIK Profi RCA Connector Pair


Price: 19,00€ + VAT

Model: [NTPROFI]
Manutacturer: Neutrik

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NF2C-B/2 Neutrik Profi rca connector, pair, gold contacts 

Neutrik's top of the line precision made phono plugs (rca or cinch type)

Spring loaded ground contact: retractable element with separate wedge contacts which keeps the shell in the front position when engaged thus also providing a direct and strictly coaxial electrical connection from the socket via the shell to the cable shield. All metal design, machined brass, black ceated shell. Easy assembly and soldering (large soldering area, rapid-flow plating). High grade plastic insulator with high creep resistance.

Supplied as a pair (1 red, 1 black), with two different sizes of strain relief chuck to suit a wide range of cable sizes.

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