NEOPAX RF Wireless Transmitter pouch

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Q: What makes Neopax belts so special?
A: Belts are made from fabric laminated neoprene; a soft, stretchy, insulating material that is comfortable to wear.  The u-loop backing allows you to fasten the tab-end anywhere along the length of the belt, instead of trying to align small hook & loop patches; so that with NeoPax belts, you get a truly custom fit EVERY time.  Unlike other belts, NeoPax utilizes a one piece belt & pouch design; this eliminates the “flop-factor” you get from belts that have a sliding pouch.  We have even gotten a report of an audio technician wiring NHL players with our belts.  Even in action, the transmitter stayed snug and stable.  The wearer is able to do his/her job without the distraction or discomfort of a flopping transmitter.  For any action shot, we suggest using BOTH included pouch straps to secure the transmitter.  

Q: How long do belts last? 
A: The longevity of our belts will depend entirely on wiring techniques and the frequency of their use.  Hook and loop materials have a limited lifespan due to the eventual breaking of the u-loops – for this reason, NeoPax belts are classified as a production expendable.

Q: Where are belts made?

A:  While some materials we use can only be sourced from overseas, our NeoPax belts are cut and assembled IN THE USA, right here in sunny Southern California!  

Q:  Are belts washable?
A:  YES!  We recommend using the gentle cycle or hand washing in cool water with a mild detergent.  We also recommend hang drying.

3 lunghezze:
1) Per caviglia (Ankle) 17" = 43,2 cm
2) Per coscia (Thigh) 25" = 63,5 cm
3) Per i fianchi (Waist) 40" = 101,6 cm

3 grandezze della tasca per accogliere le trasmittenti più usate:
STANDARD : dimensioni tasca 82mm x 95mm per:
Lectrosonics LM, UM100, 200c, 250c, 400a, 450; Zaxcom TRX-900aa & ZFR-100; Sennheiser SK2000 & 100
DB : dimensioni tasca 76mm x 76mm per: Lectrosonics SMDa, SMQa & SMQv; Zaxcom TRX900 (LT & LTS), ZFR-200;  Sennheiser 5212.
SM : dimensioni tasca 63mm x 82mm) per: Lectrosonics single battery SM & MM400c, Lectrosonics SSM

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