NAGRA Accessories: cables, adapters, test equipments

Price: 20,00€ + VAT
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Foto n. 1:
Microphone Impedance Matching Box, 10-50-200 Ohm.
Input: 2 banana female. Output: 2 XLR 3-pole female connectors.
Prezzo: euro 20,00

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Foto n. 2:
7-pin Nagra SN connector wired pig-tail
Prezzo: euro 10,00

Foto n. 3:
Cavo per Time Code handmade, da Lemo 5-pin a XLR-Maschio + XLR-Femmina
Prezzo: euro 15,00 

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Foto n. 4:
71 14150 PPD Power Pack Distributor serial number 419 with two 13135 CB cables with a Tuchel 6-pin male connector at both ends.
Prezzo: euro 20,00

Foto n. 5:
Set of 2 short 70 14101 QCR cables with a Tuchel 3-pole female and an XLR 3-pole male connector.
Include also a pig-tail Tuchel 3-pole female connector.
Prezzo totale: euro 15,00

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Foto n. 6:
70 16909 QCTCU Time Code cable fitted with a 5-pin Lemo connector at one end and an interconnection box allowing the use of any type of connector at the other end.

Prezzo: euro 20,00

Foto n. 7:
Output cable extension fitted with a 7-pole Thuchel male and a 7-pole Tuchel female connector.
Prezzo: euro 15,00

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