MOSKITO S Boom Pole Bag, 67 cm

  • MOSKITO   S Boom Pole Bag, 67 cm

45,00€ + VAT
Price: 22,50€ + VAT

Model: [MOSKS]
Manutacturer: MOSKITO SOUND

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Very practical, the Moskito Sound boom pole bag protects your boom pole from rain and dust during transportation.
The thick fabric protects your boom from shocks. The detachable strap on a single point allows you to secure your pole to a support (while ensuring you never lose your strap).
Flexible and light, your bag can fold into a backpack when not in use.

Ultimo pezzo disponibile colori Blu (esterno) / Blu cielo (interno).

MOSKS La misura S può contenere aste telescopiche chiuse di lunghezza massima 67 cm (Ambient QX550 e QX565, VDB Baby, M e S) 

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