MARIAN Trace AES 42-4 digital audio PCI interface

Mod:[MATRACEAES42] Prod: Marian
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The TRACE AES42-4 is a PCI audio system of the latest generation designed for highest demands. It provides 4 digital microphone inputs in AES42 format with 24 bit and up to 192 kHz.

Sophisticated and easy-to-use functionality allows stress-free operation of the system – for beginners as well as for professionals. Features and reliability have been prepared especially for discerning applications in the music studio, for broadcasting, television and theatres as well as stage and PA.

The main feature of the TRACE AES42-4 is the complete support of the AES42 standard. This way, for the first time it is possible to control digital microphones remotely over distances of several hundred meters while simultaneously recording the signals with absolutely no lack of quality. The phantom power may also be deactivated individually. Thus, you can use also standard AES/EBU devices, if the are decoupled electrically by transformers. To avoid shorts and overloads, the phantom power of every channel is monitored separately by a special circuit. Furthermore the TRACE AES42-4 incorporates the reliable and high speed hardware architecture of the TRACE series, enabling data transfers with lowest latencies practically without CPU load. Besides the DSP Mixer which is completely integrated in the hardware of the card, it features the very handy card-spanning TDM-SyncBus. Apart from synchronously coupling several TRACE-systems, free routings of audio channels within the card union can be realized comfortably.

Like every member of the TRACE series the TRACE AES42-4 marks up due to it's easy installation and steadily controlled highest manufacturing quality. MARIAN grants a 5 year warranty.



  • 4 XLR Inputs via breakout cable


  • BNC Wordclock / Superclock Input

  • TDM-SyncBus


Technical Data



  • PCI 2.3 card, 32 Bit, 3.3V/5V



  • Audio Inputs:


  • 4x XLR for AES42 compliant digital microphones and standard AES/EBU sources

  • usable with cable lengths of several hundred meters

  • Phantom Power:
    - up to 0.35 A per channel
    - continuous load monitoring
    - disengageable for standard AES/EBU sources

  • Voltage:
    from 0,2 Vss

  • Sample Frequency:
    30 ... 200 kHz

  • Sample Formats:
    8, 16, 20, 24, 32 Bit Mono/Stereo

  • Activatable Samplerate Converters:
    - Ratio: 1:16, 16:1
    - Dynamics: 140 dB
    - THD+N: -140 dB


  • Wordclock-
    Superclock Input:


  • BNC Connector

  • Impedance:
    10 kOhm

  • Software Controlled Termination to 75 Ohm

  • Input Response:
    1 Vss - 5,6 Vss

  • DC-Offset free

  • Schmitt Trigger


  • Synchronization Sources:


  • Wordclock/Superclock

  • AES Input

  • Internal

  • TDM-SyncBus

  • Master / Slave Mode (AES42 Mode 1+2)


Driver Suite


  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista:
    MME, ASIO 2.0,
    DirectSound, GSIF2,
    WDM (Kernel Streaming)


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