Marian AD8 16 I/O PCIe DSP Audio System, digital and analog

Marian AD8 16 I/O PCIe DSP Audio System, digital and analog

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The SERAPH AD8 soundcard has 8 analogue inputs / outputs together with 4 AES / EBU digital inputs or outputs and manages 16 input and output channels. This PCIe audio system also offers a DSP mixer with 64 virtual channels, up to 5 pre / post switchable Aux, 4 EQ for each channel and flexible routing - ideal for managing a completely digital signal flow without latency. Built with an excellent AD / DA converter circuit it achieves a dynamic range of 140 dB at any point on the signal path and at any sample rate up to 192kHz.

The new control center of your studio: The BEAST
As a member of the SERAPH series, the new BEAST Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is included. This makes it absolutely superfluous to purchase an additional mixing console. Even with the purchase of a patchbay it is possible to dispense with it ... In the SERAPH AD8 hardware there is a 56-channel mixer with an AUX stereo and another 3 mono AUX sum channels. These auxiliary sums are all pre / post switchable and therefore predestined for use as a mix of headphones or effects. Furthermore, each of the 48 channels has a large filter section with ...
- an EQ for low frequencies
- two parametric mid-frequency EQs
- an EQ for high frequencies

Flexible and expandable: the TDM SyncBus
With the help of the TDM SyncBus it is possible to add to the SERAPH AD8 up to a maximum of 3 other three identical cards or with any other MARIAN audio system compatible with SyncBus. SyncBus allows you to have all the clock signals connected to each other and to start / stop to exchange information. This unique solution therefore guarantees reliable recording of all the signals of all the audio systems involved. Furthermore, TDM SyncBus compatible systems also allow up to 8 channels to be transferred thanks to intelligent bus management. The signals will appear in each mixer of each connected card. But even without another audio system, the TDM SyncBus is a very useful tool. In this way, the EQs can also be applied on mixed summed signals or it is possible to re-record signals from a software application.

Fast and reliable: the driver suite for multiple clients
Each SERAPH system provides software support for Windows ™ XP / Vista / 7/8/10, Windows ™ Server 2003/2008 / 2008.R2 / 2012 and Apple Mac OS X. The multi-client and continuously improved driver includes ASIO 2 formats -, GSIF 2, WDM with kernel streaming and DirectSound support im not emulated real time to get the smallest latencies in all software environments. Unlike competing products, the driver therefore allows multiple audio applications to simultaneously access the audio system through the same or different driver interfaces. Well-structured menus and guided dialogues, together with an easy-to-read manual, make the configuration of this system extremely easy and adapt it to the specific needs of the studio. Of course, all settings and even MIDI assignments and signal flow from the mixer and routing can be saved in a single file.

SERAPH AD8 is available in 2 versions. To facilitate integration, SERAPH AD8 works perfectly with its word clock input in all recording situations. The SERAPH AD8 MWX version includes an additional board equipped with 2 MIDI inputs and outputs and a word clock synchronization output. It is automatically detected after connection and does not require additional software installation. The advantages of the MWX are obvious: for example, the 2 MIDI inputs can be used directly for the MIDI control of the BEAST through the favorite MIDI controller.
Word clock connections are ideal for extended clock circuits that allow independence from the AES / EBU inputs clock signal. This means that all external devices with word clock input can also be synchronized by the SERAPH AD8 MWX as a master clock. Furthermore, the high-quality sampling frequency converters of the audio inputs provide unparalleled flexibility in the configuration of the digital studio.
  • 8 Analog I/O
  • 4 AES/EBU I/O
  • 56 Channel “BEAST“ DSP Mixer with EQ, Realtime level metering & status control
  • Flexible Routing + Mixing for all channels
  • Use as 8 channel AD/DA converter
  • AES/EBU integrated direcly into the analog PCIe
  • nur eine PCIe Höheneinheit: Anschluss für AES/EBU kann flexibel an einem Slot- oder Sub-D-Ausgang des Gehäuses montiert werden
  • TDM SyncBus