Lectrosonics UCR411A UHF 256 ch. diversity receiver

Mod:[LTUCR411A] Prod: Lectrosonics
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UCR411A Digital Hybrid Wireless™ Compact Receiver

Digital Hybrid Technology
256 selectable UHF frequencies
Auto-tracking front-end filters
Constant group delay SAW filter
Digital pulse counting detector
DSP-based pilot tone
Graphics type backlit LCD display
Balanced XLR audio output
Internal batteries or external DC powering options

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The UCR411A receiver provides professional performance and a versatile feature set in a compact design for field and location production. All settings are made from the front panel with a powerful LCD interface, making the unit ideal for use in Quad Paks, on sound carts, in portable bags and in rack mount multi-couplers. To alleviate interference problems in an increasingly congested RF spectrum, an RF spectrum analyzer is built into the receiver. The receiver tunes across its 25.6 MHz tuning range and records RF activity with markers on the LCD screen. Finding clear operating frequencies is a quick, simple process. The UCR411 is compatible with all 400 Series Lectrosonics wireless transmitters and can be powered with internal 9V batteries or external DC.

Digital Hybrid Technology
An industry first, this proprietary combination of digital audio and analog RF provides the superb audio quality of a pure digital system and the outstanding operating range of the finest FM wireless systems. The digital audio chain eliminates a compandor and its artifacts, and provides audio frequency response flat to 20 kHz. The RF link takes advantage of the spectral efficiency characteristics of an aggressively optimized FM radio system.

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