iPowerUS AA MAX 1.5V 2600 mWh LiPolymer Rechargeable Battery, kit of 4pcs

Mod:[IPAA2600K4] Prod: iPowerUS
Price: 31,00€ + VAT
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IPOWERUS MAX AA 2600 rechargeable battery kit 4 pcs.

Brand new technology with constant high voltage power for pro-audio & wireless device..
  • Maintains a steady and constant 1.5V output from beginning to end VS. NiMH 1.2V which continues to drop during use.
  • Stable and high performance output.
  • Strong signal, no noise & no interference.
  • Immediately & Greatly Improved the Wireless Signal
  • 2600mWh 1.5V is equivalent to NIMH battery 1.2V 2200mAh.
  • Internal Li-Polymer cell is more stable & secure.
  • iPowerUS Li-Polymer battery will not heat up when charging with iPowerUS AA Fast Smart Charger.
  • Longer service life than NIMH battery.
  • Light weight, no memory effect.


For optimum performance:

* The iPowerUS AA2600 lithium polymer battery is specifically designed for pro-audio use, the constant and stable 1.5V output will greatly improve the signal strength, reduce interference and increase range for wireless microphones and wireless transmitters etc.  The IC inside the AA2600 is designed to control a steady and constant voltage and current.

* Caution: this battery is not suitable for devices that require instant high voltage and current output such as motorized toys (race cars, boats or airplanes), electric tools or camera flash lights.  The battery will be damaged if used in these devices.  

* Do not connect more than 8 batteries (8 batteries Max. per device; cannot be higher than 12V).
Higher than 12V will damage the Battery’s protection circuit.

* Please charge these batteries with the specified iPowerUS AA Fast Smart Charger ONLY!!

* Please make sure the switch is on “Li-ion” (Li-Polymer) mode when charging iPowerUS AA2600 Lithium Polymer Batteries.

* Using other chargers will damage or shorten the battery’s life.

* Always charge the battery fully before storage.

* To extend the shelf life of the battery, recharge the battery every 3 months fully before storage.

3 month limited warranty for AA 1.5V 2600mWh Li-Polymer Battery”:

This product carries a 3 months warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accidents, misuse, short circuit, and charging with other brand chargers.
(* Note: Charging with other brand chargers will damage the protection circuit inside the battery.)
If the product should become defective within warranty period and under the above mentioned conditions, please return it to the store you originally purchased from with proof of purchase for a replacement free of charge.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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