iPowerUS 1.5V Battery Fast Smart Charger, 8 AA

Mod:[IPAA8CHRG] Prod: iPowerUS
Price: 44,00€ + VAT
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iPowerUS dual mode 8-bay AA battery fast smart charger with 12VDC car cord & European 220VAC power supply
  • Dual charging modes (Li-ion & NIMH) can be selected.
  • Eight independent fast charging channels.
  • iPowerUS 2600MWH Li-Polymer battery charging time 1.5 hours.
  • High capacity NIMH battery charging time 3 hours.
NOTE: pay attention to the instructions contained inside the iPower 8-bay AA charger box.
Always first power up the charger, make sure the switch is on Li-Ion and then insert the batteries.
If you power up the charger with the batteries inserted, they will go into protection mode and you will have to repeat the correct procedure.

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