HIDEAMIC Set of 4 different holders for MKE1 or DPA 6060

Mod:[HMSEB1D60] Prod: HIDE-A-MIC
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The Hide-a-mic for Sennheiser MKE-1 or DPA 6060 series is a new and innovative tool especially designed to easily hide a Sennheiser MKE-1 or a DPA 6060/6061 lavalier microphone under any piece of clothing. The set contains 4 different holders with each its own use. Unlike conventional microphone holders, Hide-a-mic holders are very easy to apply. You just pick the right holder, put in place and you are ready to roll.


 - White
 - Black
 - Beige

 - Transparent

            The bra is a good place to hide a microphone, but can be difficult to apply. With the Bra-holder you can avoid embarrassing moments. Just give the microphone in the holder to the talent and she can apply it herself easily without damaging the bra.
            This holder is placed just above the button under a shirt. With the special design and strain relief the microphone will stay in place and the sound will be perfect.
            The Tie-holders is a great tool to hide a Cos11 or a DPA lavalier in the knot of a tie. You run the microphone from the back of the tie down through the knot. Then apply the holder   and push it back in the knot. Easy and neatly.
            The T-shirt-holder is very versatile. The very small design that can be placed behind a seam of a t-shirt It is also usable as a small Tie-holder, in a scarf, with a Stickie in a coat, etc, etc. You can even put it in a small windjammer to protect it against wind. The T-shirt-holder is easy to apply and delivers good sound quality.

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