Hawk-Woods VL-100, VL-140, VL-175 Lithium-Ion V-Lok Battery

Mod:[HWVL100] Prod: HAWK-WOODS
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Price: 284,00€ + VAT
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The Hawk-Woods V-Loc battery series has been designed using the latest lithium-Ion technology. 

With its built-in fuel gauge & Hawk-Woods build quality, this high-tech Li-Ion camera battery offers stunning performance for its size and weight.

The built-in Total Battery Protection system offers over discharge / voltage protection (If placed on unsuitable / incorrect charger), short circuit protection and thermal protection.

Lastly the battery has the benefit of 1x Power-con output which will provide nominal battery voltage. 

Mod. VL-100: Output: 14,4 Volt / 100 Wh. Prezzo: euro 284,00
Dimensioni: 15.4x8.4x5.0 cm. Peso 770 gr.  Litio cont: 8,2 gr.

Mod. VL-140: Output: 14,4 Volt / 140 Wh. Prezzo: euro 359,00
Dimensioni: 15.4x8.4x5,4 cm. Peso 940 gr.  Litio cont: 11,32 gr.

Mod. VL-175: Output: 14,4 Volt / 175 Wh. Prezzo: euro 399,00
Dimensioni: 15.4x8.4x6.0 cm. Peso 1.13 Kg.  Litio cont: 14,18 gr

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