ENERGIZER ULTIMATE LITHIUM, 1,5V AAA, 1260 mAh, 4pcs/blister

Mod:[ENULTAAA4] Prod: Energizer
Price: 11,25€ + VAT
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ENERGIZER 1,5 Volt (size AA) Ultimate Lithium.

High Capacity, not rechargeable.
Blister 4 batteries.

  • Up to 11× longer* battery life in Digital Still Cameras, up to 11× less waste**
  • Long 15-year storage life
  • Weigh 33% less versus standard alkaline batteries — so you carry less with you
  • Stable performance in extreme temperatures — from -40°C to +60°C. So you can do more wherever you go, no matter how hot or cold it gets
  • Leak-resistant construction — so you never need to worry


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