Delvcam DELV-RCLCD Dual 7" Composite LCD Rackmount Monitor

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Delvcam DELV-RCLCD Dual 7 Inch Rackmount LCD Monitor with Dual Looping Inputs

Delvcam DELV-RCLCD provides cost effective color monitor display for video applications where good no-frills visual quality is required.

Housed in a very lightweight anodized aluminum 19" rack mount enclosure the DELV-RCLCD is perfect for camera monitoring, security applications and Outdoor Broadcasting(OB) operations. It operates on 12VOLTS @ 1.2Amps and features front and rear BNC video inputs that both have a tracking LOOP OUTPUT in the rear.

A 12VOLT DC power supply is provided but the DELV-RCLCD can be powered by any 12VOLT DC source including batteries or 12VOLT power rails.The power supply is 110/220V 50/60 CYC and will work in 220 countries with the proper plug adapter (not included).Unit is 16X9 aspect ratio only and displays 16X9 video, when 4X3 video is input it is stretched to fit the 16X9 display.


  • Vibrant color LCD screens
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels
  • Front and Rear Inputs with Looping Out
  • Auto Switching/Detect
  • 12 Volt DC Single Power Port Operation
  • Low Profile - Super Thin Depth
  • Rackmount with Grip Rails
  • Easy Menu Operation
  • NTSC & PAL format ready


  • Front and Rear Video Inputs: BNC Looping Composite Video 1Vpp into 75 ohms (termination required); Selected input looped to rear ouput connector into 75 ohms
  • Controls:
​              - Front/Rear Input Select
              - Power
              - Full Menu (L/R, Up/Down)
  • 12 VOLT DC @ 1.2 AMPS: 2.1 mm Input Jack
  • TEMP: 0 deg to 40 deg C
  • Powered Reliability: Better than 100, 000 hours
  • Dimensions:19" W x 5.25H(3RU) x 3.3" D

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