CINELA MINIX 8000 for Sennheiser capsules series 8000

Mod:[CIMX8000] Prod: CINELA
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Price: 255,00€ + VAT
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OSIX 8000 has been designed from Cinela for Sennheiser MKH 8040 e MKH 8050 microphones.

Specific version with single isolator at the front.

Indoor suspension fitted with a single isolator for maximum efficiency and minimum size.
Inserted in a cradle, the Original Sennheiser connector allows direct screw of the MKH8000 main part. The mike XLR module is not used, but the signal is sent to the standard XLR fixed to the standard Osix base swivel.
This suspension doesn’t allow the use of the MZF8000 filter so it’s necessary to provide a filtering by any mean (50-80Hz, +12 or better +18 dB/oct).


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