Bubblebee The Winbubble All-Stars, 10 pcs, various colors

Bubblebee The Winbubble All-Stars, 10 pcs, various colors


Price: 159,00€ + VAT
Price (VAT included): 193,98€

Model: [BBIL01WBAS]
Manutacturer: Bubblebee

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  • Each package contains of 3 black, 2, white, 2 grey, 1 brown, 1 off-white and 1 beige Windbubble
  • The Windbubbles are build to stay safe and secure on the microphone, and therefore comes in four different sizes. 
  • The frequency through the Windbubble is very close to the microphones natural sound. 
  • The wind reduction is the best in the industry, thanks to the bubble-effect in the design
  • The short hair of the fur gives the Windbubble a more rounded and organic shape.
  • The fur is less shiny to blend better with skin, clothes and other surroundings.
  • Available in six different colors make is easier to find a Windbubble for every occasion.
  • Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers

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