BELDEN 9451D Double-Pair Cable, 2x2x0,32 mmq, 3,4mm x 6.8mm

Mod:[BD9451D] Prod: BELDEN
Price: 1,20€ + VAT
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BELDEN 9451D Multi-Conductor - Double-Pair Cable

22 AWG stranded (7x30) TC conductors, polyolefin insulation, dual twisted pairs, overall Beldfoil® shield (100% coverage), 22 AWG stranded TC drain wire, PVC jacket in zip-cord construction.

NOTES: The jacket and shield are bonded so both can be removed on automatic stripping equipment. Drain wire is inside foil shield. For cross-connect use with 1814R (et. al.) Snake Cables.

Internal conductors color:   black    red  

Overall cable external color:   black    red 

Price per meter.

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