Ambient XLR Low Profile Connectors

Mod:[AMLPXLR3] Prod: Ambient
Price: 18,00€ + IVA
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Together with our technology partners at Cable Techniques we developed an all new line of low-profile connectors for the broadcast and location audio market. Being cable manufacturers for the professional audio industry we first of all wanted to design a low-profile connector line holding up to our own standards.

The unique new design allows for a professional shield and connection, long term durability, simple serviceability and an exchangeable color coding. Therefore we decided to not only use these connectors for our own cable manufactories but also to offer them as a new product line in our portfolio.

In this page, we offer 3-pin only Male & Female XLR connectors. You can set the cable outlet angle of the

XLR’s comfortably from 30° to 150° and 210° to 330° from the release button. More than enough range to accommodate the typical field gear panels on the market.

Cable outlet orientation fine-tuning is quick & easy. Our custom cap are injection moulded of ABS thermoplastic for maximum impact resistance and toughness. The shells are a custom precision cast with a matte non-reflective black finish and gold contact pins.

Available Color Options
The XLR connectors are available with 10 different Cap color.
The interchangeable XLR Color Cap can be ordered separately to customize your color profile at any time.
Price of each additional cap (optional) is EUR 1.90.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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