AMBIENT QXS 5100 Boom Pole 100cm / 4,20m - NEW

Mod:[AMQXS5100] Prod: Ambient
Price: 540,00€ + VAT
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Ambient QXS Boom Pole 5100
The QXS series was specifically designed for documentary and ENG booming work. That’s why we built the QXS series poles with 5 segments, effectively delivering a better collapsed to extended ratio. This enables easy transportation while providing long lengths when needed.

With an understanding of the rigors that the material must endure in everyday work situations, we designed the QXS pull-braiding carbon fiber tubes with a 1mm wall thickness to achieve light-weight with highdurability properties.

Ambient QXS Boom Pole 5100
Length: 100 – 420 cm (3.28 ft – 13.78 ft)
Weight: 745 g (26.28 oz.)

QRT Quicklock
Boom bag ABB-110
Boom case BC100

Technical Details
1 mm custom made pull-braiding carbon fiber tube
Stainless steel tip with special hole for easy assembly of internal cabling
Larger diameter for coiled internal cabling (QCCX or QCCXS)
Straight internal cabling option (QCSX)
Composed of 5 segments

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