AMBIENT QS-MINI Boompole 105/345 cm, 4 tubes

Mod:[AMQSM] Prod: Ambient
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Price: 640,00€ + VAT
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Especially created for shots that require high agility the Ambient QS pole allows to control the microphone with maximum accuracy without dip or swing after rapid movements. Handcrafted layer by layer out of premium Pre-preg carbon fiber it is the stiffest boompole we ever built but still lightweight and well balanced.

The modular extension QP 120 can quickly be added as a 5th segment and gives an extra boost in length for wide, large crowd shots without the weight when not in use.

With an outer diameter of 35 mm the extension will also fit into a standard Manfrotto pivot clamp allowing stand mounted. 

Lenght: 105 cm - 345 cm (with optional QP120 up to 460)
Peso: 740gr

QSM-SCM Asta Premium Mini con cavo mono diritto già installato, connettori XLR 3-pin: Prezzo euro 634,00
QSM-SCM Asta Premium Mini con cavo stereo diritto già installato, connettori XLR 5-pin: Prezzo euro 661,00

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