AMBIENT Plug-on or XLR-Clamp for Boompoles

Mod:[AMQAPL] Prod: Ambient
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Price: 24,00€ + VAT
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QAPL Ambient

XLR-Clamp for Boompoles

Quickpole XLR clamp for QX boompoles

With this mount you can fix your plug-on transmitter or attach the XLR plug of your internal cable at the bottom side of your boompole.

Scegliere una delle 2 versioni esistenti:
- 30 mm per aste Ambient serie QP (ad es. QP 4140)
- 35 mm per aste VdB a 6 tubi (XL, L ecc.) e aste Ambient serie QX e QS (ad es. QX 5130, QX 5100 ecc.)


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