AMBIENT ACN-BT Beetle Bluetooth dongle Metadata Wireless

Mod:[AMACNBT] Prod: Ambient
Price: 208,00€ + VAT
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The ACN-BT ”Beetle“ establishes a wireless link for serial communication between selected apps and devices using latest Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology (*).

Initial support is strictly limited to Sound Devices 788T recorders in use with the TonMeister app (**).

Designed specifically as a reliable, cost and power effective alternative option to the CL-WiFi remote, (***) the Beetle combined with the TonMeister app serves as a comprehensive remote control surface for the recorder that includes in-depth metadata editing and sophisticated sound report generation/output.

As the Beetle connects to various devices via interchangeable cable connection, the unit is designed for upcoming feature upgrades and connection to a growing number of third-party audio recorders. Power is delivered and configuration is determined by the connected cable – delivering true plug&play experience.

An external, replaceable antenna is provided for maximum performance, comparable to a robust WiFi connection.

(*)Please check compatibility with app and host in use first! BT 4.0 is supported on from iPad gen.3 and later, as well as iPad Mini.

(**) TonMeister and LockitSCRIPT app are not supported on iPhone or iPod.

(***)The ACN-BT is designed for use with the TonMeister app. Sound Devices CL-WiFi app does not support the ACN-BT.

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