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ACC 501 CLOCKIT Controller  
A whole set of features as time code, wordclock, MIDI TC and GPS capability makes the ACC501 rather a time code swiss army knife than just a masterclock. An extensive keypad and a graphical LCD with command and menu bars ensure an intuitive but comprehensive user interface.
Using a reprogrammable MPU the controller features a future-proof design with growing capabilities. Firmware revisions are obtainable through the download section at Ambient's webpage and can easily be performed by the user.

Scope of delivery:
ACC 501 Controller for Clockit Timecode, incl. pouch and 5pol Lemo/5pol Lemo cable 



  • Time code masterclock with LTC and ASCII time code, send, receive and check TC diversion, tune other Clockit units.

  • USB interface for data download, programming, MIDI time code and serial Sony-P2 transmission.

  • Low jitter word clock generator with all clocks up to 192 KHz incl. pull up/down.

  • Interface for GPIO and connection of accessories such as GPS receiver, RF transceiver etc.

  • Powering options: internal battery, USB, external 6 – 12 Volts

  • 4x AA cell for over 24 hrs operation.

  • Standby mode for keeping accurate time code.

  • Firmware updates by user, available through download.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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