AATON Hydra Wireless Receivers Interface

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This small HUB offers a full integration of SuperSlot™ wireless receivers into the CantarX3 and CantarMini mixer-recorders.
It is designed to perform as the central HUB for your RF receivers and transmitters.

Aaton has developped OEM kits to transform Octopack from Lectrosonics or SixPack from PSC to makes them compatible with Hydra, SuperSlot™ wireless control system.

?Hydra provides direct access to the UI through dedicated screens of the Cantar display interface.
It allows the set-up of options or channel frequencies as well the use of a spectrum analyser for each receiver. This integration offers the possibility to control up to eight, two-channel wireless receivers with a global and intuitive overview.

The HUB and receivers are powered from a single external DC source on Hirose 4 pin socket. 
Full monitoring of the power sources for all connected receivers and transmitters is available from the recorder screen. Extended monitoring informations are available when using Aaton Digital’s Smart Battery 14.4V, 49Wh.

The HUB can be connected to up to four receiver sockets by Rj12 cables carrying Metadata & Power. It requires a single USB connection to the Cantar.
Receiver Sub-D25 Sockets incorporate two audio output cables. Analog or Digital audio signals are available depending on the receivers setup.

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