DENECKE GR-2 Generatore/lettore Time Code

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Il GR-2 è un generatore/lettore di Time Code per progettato per la produzione del suono. Basso consumo energetico, con retroilluminazione assicura agli utenti una lunga durata della batteria in un package compatto.
DISPLAY The display is a two-line, 12 digit low power
LCD module that shows timecode/user bits,
mode and rate. The user can turn the
backlight on or off.
GEN Generate timecode at 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97,
30 drop and non-drop.
CLOCK Internal clock time (24 Hr), date (DayMonth,
MonthDay). The internal clock is used to set
the timecode clock at turn on.
READ Reads SMPTE/EBU timecode at normal
operating speeds. Displays timecode, user
bits, and frame rate.
JAM Jam syncs to external code and can cross jam
different code rates. In JC mode, any break in
code will jam to a new value.
GU Inserts externally read timecode in to the user bits of
the current internal time code. This is useful for
music playback with live action recording.
DELTA Displays a comparison of the internal timecode
to external timecode.
HOLD Ability to hold the timecode display. The
timecode clock and output do not stop while
in hold mode.
TC Input: 15dB @ 4.7K input impedance (LEMO) Internal Battery: CR1220 life approx 1 year
TC Outputs: 2V into 1K-load impedance (LEMO & BNC) TCXO Crystal: Crystal: +/- 1PPM @ -30 to +75 C
Battery Power: 2 “AA” batteries (48+ hours)
Size & Weight: 3.25” X 3” X 1.75”, 0.50 lbs
(with batteries)
External Power: 6-18V DC (40mA backlight on)

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