HawkWoods VL-MR2 Multi-chemistry 2-channel V-Lock Charger

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VL-MR2 Multi-chemistry 2-channel V-Lock Charger

Size: 19 x12 x16cm
Weight:  1.1Kg
Channels: 2

The VL-MR range of muliti-chemistry chargers have been designed to be totally portable for today's busy camera operator and are incredibly light considering their unrivalled functionality. The VL-MR2 is suitable for charging up to 2x V-Lok batteries sequentially.

Features and Specifications:

  • 90~260VAC 50-60Hz Universal Mains Input
  • 12V In-Car DC Input
  • 2.3A Charging Current
  • In-Car Charging 12VDC via the MRC-1 power cord
  • Multi-Chemistry Charging
  • Power Supply Function

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