AudioDev AD 149 Location Film Mixer, 6/8 ingressi Mic/Line

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Prezzo: 10.650,00€ + IVA
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 - 149-6 Mixer, 6 ingressi Mic/Line, 2 main out + 2 aux out + 2 communication out, limiters su ingressi ed uscite, VU o PPM: prezzo euro 10.650,00

 - 149-8 Mixer, 8 ingressi Mic/Line, 2 main out + 2 aux out + 2 communication out, limiters su ingressi ed uscite, VU o PPM: prezzo euro 12.980,00

The location sound recordist of today demands more facilities and control from a portable mixer. Following years of research the design team that produced some of the most successful portable mixers in the world has created the AD149. It set s a new standard for the twenty-first century by offering potential and a degree of sophistication together with a simplicity never previously encountered in a mixer of it's type or size.
Take for granted the functions and qualities that have made Audio Developments famous world-wide for sound quality and ruggedness.
  • Limiter on each input (adjustable). Release, attack & threshold are set via presets
  • Insert point on inputs
  • Direct output from each Mic/Line input module
  • Three-band equalizer with a choice of four center frequencies in the MF section
  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs (main and auxiliary)
  • Two main outputs and two auxiliaries
  • Limiter on L & R outputs. Can be linked for stereo operation
  • M-S stereo facilities in main and monitor signal paths
  • Comprehensive monitor selection
  • Two monitor outputs for headphones or speaker amplifiers
  • Two communication outputs and one return
  • Selection of monitor feeds to communication outputs
  • Remote start facility
  • Ten pin multiway connectors for output and returns
  • Six pin multiway connector for outputs and returns, buffered for use with DAT
  • Fifteen way D connector for feeding equipment such as a meter bridge (AD096)
  • A pair of meters - either PPM or VU - may be switched to read various outputs or follow the monitor
  • Internal oscillator, 1kHz & 10kHz, selectable to L-R and/or auxiliary outputs. Interrupted tone is optional on the left path
  • All connectors are presented on one surface of the case and in line with the corresponding module

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