AudioDev AD 147 Mercury Mixer, 6/8 ingressi Mic/Line

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- AD 147-6 Mixer, 6 ingressi Mic/Line, 2 uscite main + 2 aux, VU o PPM, incluso alimentatore 94-100-015: prezzo euro 6.990,00

- AD 147-8 Mixer, 8 ingressi Mic/Line, 2 uscite main + 2 aux, VU o PPM, incluso alimentatore 94-100-015: prezzo euro 8.460,00

The AD147 addition to the 140 series of mixers uses the same ultra low noise circuitry and customized aluminum extrusions that have rightly earned for the range its reputation for clean, crisp audio and reliability.
The AD147 has been developed for discerning engineers who require Audio Developments' build and transparent sound quality allied with the simplicity of its predecessor - PICO.
The AD147 incorporates the M-S facilities that are now much appreciated by Audio Developments' customers. Many recordists are aware of the advantages Blumlein's M-S microphone techniques have over all other microphone techniques - even when recording in the L-R domain.
The AD147 has four mixing busses that enable mixing and/or recording to be performed in the L-R and M-S domains simultaneously. Matrix amplifiers may be switched into the main L-R output and across auxiliary 1 & 2 outputs.
The AD147 takes advantage of the lower noise-floor of modern digital recorders - the limiter slope ratio is a gentle 7:1, thereby reducing distortion and making the artifacts normally associated with limiters much less noticeable or objectionable.
The AD147 presents all its input and output connectors on one surface of the case and in-line with the corresponding module. The connector panel is labeled in order that it may be read from the front of the mixer. The integral carrying handle may also be used to support the mixer at a comfortable working angle.
The AD147 inputs, main and auxiliary outputs are electronically balanced on XLRs with an option of transformer balancing on outputs. Separate connectors are used for microphone and line-level inputs: such is the isolation, both input signals may remain connected at all times. Monitor left, right and headphones together with stereo auxiliary return left and right appear on standard jacks. A 6-pin XLR carries two-way conversation between the mixer and an Outstation - boom operator, director etc.
The AD147 receives its power from 10 x C cells fitted internally - the battery housing adding great strength to the casework. Alternatively, the mixer may be powered from an external 12-15v DC source. Audio
Developments' AD100-09 power supply unit is designed to drive the mixer and, at the same time, charge a set of nickel cadmium batteries -
when fitted.
The AD147 possesses features and facilities rarely encountered in a mixer of its type and size: metering of all signal paths; matrix amplifier and balance/width control on monitor circuits; continuous or interrupted
line-up tone; PFL, AFL, SIP...

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