Sound Devices Keyboard and Remote Control Interface

Mod:[SDCL-1] Prod: Sound Devices
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Price: 450,00€ + VAT
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The CL-1 Interface is a flexible accessory used to interface external keyboards to Sound Devices 7-series audio recorders (702, 702T, 722, 744T). By connecting a standard PS-2 keyboard to the CL-1 all button and menu functions on the recorder can be keyboard-controlled. One obvious benefit is the ability to type scene and take names directly on the keyboard for maximum speed and convenience.
A toggle switch and contact closures on the CL-1 can be programmed for numerous remote roll and remote playback functions.
All control and setup of the CL-1 is performed in the 7-Series recorder setup menu.
CL-1 with 744T

CL-1 Features

  • Programmable toggle switch functions as a record or playback switch
  • LED to indicate record and power status
  • Programmable TTL logic closure control for remoting switches long distances
  • Powered by the 7-series recorder
  • Single cable connection between CL-1 and recorders

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