Softi Case: Tubo per microfono e antivento

Mod:[ACSOFTIM] Prod: Alfa Case
AvailablePrice: 70,00€ + VAT
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Softi Case Tubo per microfono + antivento Softie

The Softi-Case is designed to safely carry your favorite shotgun microphone in a Rycote Softie or other brand of furry windshield.  A Softie microphone boom mount will also fit inside the Softi-Case.  

Softi-Case is lightweight, yet rugged enough to withstand the normal abuse of ENG, EFP and filmmaking shoots. Made from tough ABS plastic, the Softi-Case withstands shock and vibration.  Its lid is designed to keep out moisture and dust.  With the optional mounting kit, you can attach the Softi-Case to a Boom Tube boom pole case.  Now, you have a lightweight and very portable storage and carrying system, leaving your hands free.  

Softi-Case is available in 3 lengths and four colors: Black, Blue, Yellow and Silver.   Contact your favorite pro audio  dealer for price and availability.

Don’t forget to pick up a  MicTube for additional shotgun microphone  transport and storage.

Not included: mic, windscreen and suspension.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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